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Your hearing is important to us.


Patients come, a varied mix of frustration, denial and even fear.  Often, a loved one or friend comes too, someone who has made them aware that because of their hearing loss they have become disconnected from the richness of the life they once enjoyed. Let us help you with that frustration and fear; take the first step by making a call. Take charge of your hearing health!

At Jackson County Audiology, we truly care about your hearing health, and use the best equipment possible to diagnose your hearing-related condition. We never cut corners and always do what's best for you and your hearing. You can trust that Jackson County Audiology will take care of you, and help you get back to enjoying your life!

Our Philosophy

Jackson County Audiology


Founded: 2003

Owner: Charles E. Hare


Areas of expertise:  Audiology

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Welcome back to your life!

Audiologic Hearing Rehabilitation

At Jackson County Audiology one of our differentiating factors is that we are not a retail/big box store. We dedicate our efforts to hearing rehabilitation, which focus is on adjusting to hearing loss, making the best use of hearing aids, exploring assistive devices. managing conversations, and taking charge of communication.

Part of your Overall Health Team


Most of the appointments on our calendar are referrals from Primary Care Physicians. The relationship with your doctor is a very personal one, built on communication and trust. Confide in and tell your doctor about your health. If you are concerned about your hearing, ask your doctor for a referral to our office for a hearing evaluation.  The rest of our appointments are typically valuable customer referrals and neighbors.

Unbeatable Service


When you invest in your hearing health at Jackson County Audiology by starting your new life with hearing aids, we maintain those hearing aids fully in our office at no further charge to you for the life of those aids.  When the warranty expires, and a factory repair is required, those fees will apply.  However, we will clean your aids, program them, add tubing and tips, and make adjustments at no charge.  We also have fresh batteries that we sell at very reasonable prices and last longer than most competitors. Ask about our battery program!